Up Close Ministries
Spiritual Truths that Emotionally Heal
Formed in 2001 to provide a 'personal repair' method for women who were suffering with
various types of trauma and life difficulties. Many people can not afford to go to a licensed counselor
 to obtain relief from current and past life issues that have become difficult to live with. If you are suffering emotionally, spiritually or physically and feel you need support this may be a way to get FREE help.

This charity holds one and two day conferences that focus on emotional and spiritual healing that is Bible based. This is not a replacement for the need for medical or psychiatric assistance from a licensed doctor. It is a support for daily personal emotional repair through the study of God's word.

DeBee and Michael Trant invite you to 'stay in touch' so you can be notified of upcoming conferences and studies. The conferences are held bi-annually and are non-denominational events held at San Diego Churches, community centers or 'for rent' facilities in the San Diego County area. DeBee is also an Author and Speaker who is available to come to your next event.
Phone: (619) 871-7421
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Spiritual and Emotional Healing
Conferences and Studies for Women
One-Day of Self-Help
Bible Based Teaching
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San Diego, California
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