Teri Antti

My Musical Beginning

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1963 into a Jewish family originating from Russia and Poland. Music was always a part of my life as my parents were both pianists. My dad played jazz, while my mom played classical. I started out in classical training but quickly moved into jazz. Maybe out of a need but I’d get half way through a Chopin Prelude and couldn’t help starting to write a song based on the beautiful chords I was playing. Before long, I began composing my own songs based on the recent trials I’d been experiencing. 

As a result, I ended up attending ISOMATA Jazz Camp and then Dick Grove School of Music. My work experience included t various hotels, benefits, and concert venues internationally as a solo pianist/vocalist. As a result, I toured in many different bands. Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Calgary, Japan, Mexico.

What I LOVE!

The solace and beauty of the acoustic piano has always been a major enjoyment for me and this is where I find my greatest reward today. My first musical  love is working with churches, weddings, funerals and secondly working with children as a director of children’s ministry or accompanist/soloist in children’s projects. Musical theater is a great love of mine especially when I am the musical accompanist with anything to do with kids!

I Found the LORD

I came to believe in Jesus as the Risen Savior and Son of God  in 1988. Following my decision to follow Jesus as my Savior, my life’s journey and musical experience has become largely dedicated to leading worship and directing children and women’s ministry projects and events.

Anything and Everything

With the above being said, you may still on occasion find me in a jazz club playing or listening to some of my favorite preformers, including Pat Methany, Lyle Mays, McCoy Tyner, George Shearing. Anything Latin gets my attention. Anything with a captivating movement. Everything by Hans Zimmer, Ravel and Chopin.

I Will Continue

As I see my 3rd daughter go off to college and my 4th and youngest daughter learn her letters and numbers, I wonder what the rest of my years will be and what lays ahead.

As long as God continues to open the doors for me to use my musical gifts in the greatest ways possible for his glory, I will continue to serve Him!

I will continue to raise money for the needy, to bless a wedding, to provide comfort at a memorial service and to bring the wonder of children’s voices out into the world.

I will continue to sing with women here in the United States and across the waters. I will continue to empower others and to lead them into the enjoyment of music and the ‘Repair’ it brings to the soul of who we truly are.

My friend, music is truly a universal language and I will be forever grateful to be a part of its amazing transforming power. I look forward to meeting you one day at one of the ‘Finding Repair’ women’s events.  

Teri Antti

    I first met Teri Antti at a Women’s conference at Pine Valley Bible Center and I was amazed by her ability to run the retreat smoothly and in a way that touched our lives and brought us closer to the Lord!

    June HurstEast County Transitional Living

    Teri is an amazing worship leader, she can play and sing in a way that touches all of our hearts.

    Heather SimsonsFinding Repair Coach

    There are not enough words to describe the talent Teri Anttti has, years of ministry and worship have given her not only the professionalism in the industry but the holy spirit just radiates through her every note of the way!

    DeBee TrantFounder of Up Close Ministries