August 2021


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Finding Repair


To get repair started we must believe it is possible. If you are like me, you may be reading this thinking “no one gets what I’ve been through, nothing has worked and this won’t either!” Would you take a deep breath with me and relax, open your mind as you study with me right now? As we begin to understand some of the “hidden” stories of healing in the Bible, you may, like me… change your mind.



This has been an amazing journey working with woman of all ages, finding repair in thousands of lives throughout the country. I couldn't be more blessed!

DeBee TrantFinding Repair

DeBee Trant is amazing! She helped me really lean on the Lord for restoration of all my hurts and taught me what God Counseling truly is. After losing my son I thought I would never breathe again and now I have a hope and a future!

HSChanged Forever