It has been said that you cannot fix what you cannot admit and I believe this is the biggest block to emotional healing of all types.

Childhood trauma affects a vast majority of the world’s population. If you are hurting as you read this and thinking there is no one to help and you are just stuck with it the way it is, you may want to learn more about Up Close Ministries and Finding Repair. Once you recognize that you need and want help; you have taken a STEP to a more healed spiritual and emotional life. Your life can get better. You have just overcome the biggest block to making progress in healing from childhood trauma.

All life experiences have the potential to empower us or to break us. Childhood traumas have a hidden, dark side that just cannot be fathomed. Someone, somewhere in time sinned and acted against us and left us with emotional damage. We learn to cope with and to encapsulate our trauma within our soul to protect us as we grow up.  The very dark nature of these events makes us come to believe that they cannot be understood or incorporated into our lives of faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus gives us the potential to empower our adult life with the very things that Satan means to harm us with. Recognizing that these traumas have happened to us is a first step to finding repair from childhood trauma.

As we grow up we ‘keep the secrets’ of our childhood traumas from others because they are so negative.  Those secrets may then become personal ‘pockets of pain’ that you privately learn to live with but that overflow out into your family, friendships, marriage and work. These secrets can then become subconscious lies, ‘lies you’ve come to believe’ about yourself.  These lies can become very powerful in adulthood. There is an answer for this pain, His name is Jesus Christ. You do not have to allow those memories to control your life. Jesus is here to help you.

To find repair from childhood trauma, we have to begin a process to correct the affect that these wounds began years ago when they originally happened. The world’s answer is quite different than the ones God has provided in His Word.  Finding Repair provides a method of God counseling and support to begin the process of spiritual and emotional healing God’s way.

Most of us have carried these emotional ‘pockets of pain’ with us into adulthood. Know today that you are not alone, others do understand and care. One in four women have also had childhood trauma affect their relationships, careers, happiness and even their physical health. That is, until they processed them and healed by Finding Repair with the Word of God and by leaning into their feeling and allowing God to ‘share’ the pain and put his miraculous medication on it.  That medication is the Word of God.

If you would like more information on how to begin the process of Finding Repair from childhood trauma through the process of personal, supported God Counseling I recommend that you sign up for the next Finding Repair Conference coming to San Diego in June of 2021 and follow that with the eight week intensive bible study Finding Repair held in San Diego following the conference.  The workbook Finding Repair is offered on this site through Amazon and you are invited to pick up a copy today.