The Benefits of Singing

Did you ever wonder why God desires us to sing so much?

It appears in some scriptures that our singing is for God, a fragrant offering. For the most part however it seems like it is a gift to ourselves with there being  benefits of singing. I don’t know about you but when you put the typical small congregational choir next to something like the Mormon or Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir or maybe a pop vocal group like Pentatonix, I don’t know how that could be a benefit to anyone’s ears!

The answer, my friend, is that singing is for our benefit, not God’s. What God wants is who we become while we are singing! The act of singing is a form of personal purification. There are many reasons for this but all in all we feel good! We can feel the benefits of singing! We breathe better, we relax, we affirm truth on our words and we align with the heavenly forces! We literally become unified with each other and God when we sing!

It doesn’t matter what we sound like. It is the very act of singing that causes a spiritual connection to form and we are instantly connected!

Does it matter what we Sing to gain the benefit?

It does matter WHAT we sing because we become what we sing! Often God will command us to sing a new song so we can become NEW, not because God needs to hear a fresh playlist. Although, when we feel good we are more loving to each other and as the ripple effect engages, we make the world a better place and THAT please God!

It’s sort of like doing a ‘cleanse’ when you are trying to clean the toxins out of your blood stream. The cleansing power of song is no different.  In fact, doing both could change your life and bring about an emotional benefit in singing.

Friends often wonder how I stay calm through so much chaos. I wish I had some great story to tell but it’s just the singing. Singing is meditative on its very basic level and when I work with morning exercises which consist of very simple things like singing on the letter M as quietly as is possible, I am immediately calmed. I am an instrument through which air moves in and out of to create a sound that resonates with the heavenly realms! Wow, wow, wow!

So sing your hearts out people! Sing of love and freedom! Sing of sorrow and grief! Wail of your losses! Shout out your joy from the rooftops! We will all join with you and your loneliness will be turned into beauty. Your anger will transform into courage! Your profanities into words of encouragement.

Do we have to just sing hymns? Absolutely not!!!!!!!!!!! It is the ACT of singing that is beneficial and cleansing, not the song. The words you sing become your truth however so be careful what you wish for lol.

No one likes a good old country song as much as me! I was yelling this morning in the shower “you’re no good, you’re no good, you’re no good baby you’re no good”, an oldie by  Linda Ronstadt. It just popped into my head. My little 5 year old princess surprised me with, “Who’s no good mom?” I said, “The devil, honey, the devil.”

I hope you will join us at our next Finding Repair conference where we can all spend a couple days figuring out this crazy life together. Will we sing? Most definitely and it will be sweet! That’s one thing I can promise in life; the cleansing and purifying power of song.